About Us

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Our History

Established in 1991, the SAGE Hotline (1800-3538633) was officially launched to provide a listening ear to anyone who needs to talk about matters related to the elderly.

Two years later, SAGE Counselling Centre was set up as a special programme of Singapore Action Group of Elders to provide free face-to-face counselling to the needy elderly & their families.

In 2005, SAGE Counselling Centre hosted the nation-wide “The Seniors Helpline (1800-555-5555)” supported by NCSS.

Since 2008, the Centre has developed into a Professional Counselling Centre with an independent identity. We have also obtained NCSS full membership & IPC Charity status.

Our Mission

SAGE Counselling Centre aims “to enhance the total well-being of the older persons and their caregivers with a special focus on the psychological and social aspects of their health” and “to promote the well-being of older persons by listening & responding appropriately to their concerns and needs”.

Our Philosophy of Service

To provide gero-counselling for the elderly and their caregivers with professionalism, respect, concern, commitment, and competence.

Our Core Values

• Compassion • Commitment • Excellence • Leadership • Professionalism • Responsibility • Respect • Teamwork

Our Funders

SAGE Counselling Centre is jointly funded by the Ministry of Health and National Council of Social Service via Community Chest

Our Multi-level Service Directions

• Clinical level: Intervention / Remedial work
o Provide individual & group counselling, expressive therapy, case management, and referral
• Preventive level:
o Conduct public educational talks, workshops, seminars in community facilities to create self-awareness which in turn promote self-care and mental wellness of seniors
• Community level
o Participate in community & nation-wide activities & collaborate with other social service sector partners which work with older generation.